This post is the beginning of a surface ship database of the Nine Empires.  It will constantly be subject to change, and a shortcut will be under the “Nine Empires” tab at the top of my site.

The left column denotes the faction, the middle is the ship’s type, and the right column denotes the ships available available.  I decided to not include the scales, since I may eventually add different scale options to my ships.  Currently, however, all of the ships below are available in 1/700 scale only.

Bulmutian Regency Citadel-class battlecruiser Garthilde
Alexandrian Empire Monarch-class dreadnought Monarch-class
Nadezhda-class dreadnought Nadezhda
Drachanian Empire    
Kantossi Democratic League    
Taressimian Martial State Landlocked country N/A
Karadenian Empire Ironclad ship-of-the-line Selsequenter
Invictus-class battleship Invictus (original)
Invictus (as salvage ship)
Oermida-class cruiser Oermida
Sondorian Empire Side-wheel river battleship  
River cruiser Rectangular casemate
Round casemate
Octagonal casemate
Enforcer-class river dreadnought QAL Angnor
QAL Forostel
Sovereign-class sea dreadnought QAL Mordu
QAL Arqaxie
Arcadian Empire    
Republic of Breace    

As you can probably guess, this list needs a lot more work than the previous one.  Furthermore, many of the above models are subject to change.  I started adding anchors and other details a while ago, but I have since had other things to work on.  I’m in no rush, seeing as most of these are quite expensive.  The only ones I’ve sold have been river cruisers.

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