This post is the beginning of an airship database of the Nine Empires.  It will constantly be subject to change, and a shortcut will be under the “Nine Empires” tab at the top of my site.

From left to right, the columns denote faction, type of airship, number of levitators, and names of indivual ships/models available.  I had offered some of them in 1/1000 scale in black high-definition acrylate and some of them in 1/700 scale in laser-sintered nylon, with a large overlap.  Since Shapeways seems to have stopped with the former material, some of the models below may no longer be available.

Bulmutian Regency Wasp 6
Hornet 8
Battlecruiser 36 (2 rows) Hafthorskald
Alexandrian Empire Royal trireme 30 (3 rows) Argo
Royal reserve trireme
Trireme 30 (3 rows) 1/700
Imperial trireme 36 (3 rows) Gnyev
Drachanian Empire Does not operate glossarian airships N/A N/A
Kantossi Democratic League
Taressimian Martial State Does not operate glossarian airships N/A N/A
Karadenian Empire Flying galleon 10 Prototype
Production variant
Golden flagship
Flying galleas 12
Sondorian Empire Ram galley 14
Ram bireme 22 (2 rows) 1/700
Siege bireme 22 (2 rows) 1/700
Heavy siege bireme 28 (2 rows)
Arcadian Empire Gunship 4
Siege galley 20
Assault bireme 26 (2 rows)
Quadrireme 100 (4 rows)
Republic of Breace
Nala Independence Coalition
??? Black trireme 36 (3 rows) Zaphnora
Assault carrier 36 (2 rows)  

Breace and the NIC also operate glossarian airships as well, though I haven’t decided what kind yet.  The flagship of the NICAF is the bireme Soluqais, a former Sondorian airship, but that’s all I’ve come up with.  The Kantossi, on the other hand, operate glossarian airships but don’t build them.  Their air force consists of ships they’ve bought from other countries, and I haven’t figured out which those are yet, since I have yet to fully construct Kantossa’s role in the story.  They temporarily ally with Karaden to seize the east coast of Drachania, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

You may have noticed that my most popular airships, the plane balloons, flying caravels, and Aeronautical Development are not on this list.  That is because this is strictly a military database, and those other airships are all civilian craft.  By the way, I will eventually include the Taressimian dirigibles as well, but I haven’t even made them yet.

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