The story called The Nine Empires is meant to be a series of nine books (you can probably tell that I really like that number: I’d call it my “lucky number,” if I believed in luck) that take place primarily on Rossbera, one of the 17 major continents on my fictional planet of Varanganska.  I have some ideas written down for other stories that take place on other continents, and even some that take place in space.  If you browse my Shapeways shop, you’ll see some things from the latter story, which takes place roughly 1500 years after the events of The Nine Empires.  Those are Varanganskan years, by the way, each of which is 6,6 Earth years.  Anyway, those books are as follows (any with links that you can click on are ones that you can read):

Riddles of Smoke and Water (Загадки Дыма и Воды)

Whispers of Wires and Wind (Шёпот Провода и Ветра)

Machinations of Crowns and Chains (Махинации Корон и Кандалов)

Songs of Steam and Steel (Песни Пара и Стали)

Clashes of Ambition and Empire (Столкновения Мечт и Империи)

Storms of Retribution and Revolution (Штурмы Возмездия и Революции)

Dances of Flowers and Bullets (Танцы Цветов и Пуль)

Marches of Sickles and Stars (Марши Серпов и Звезд)

Lamentations of Ash and Blood (Скорби Золы и Крови)

These nine books represent a [comparatively] short but crucial period in the history of my fictional world.  However, given my other interests (and complete lack of time to simply sit down and actually write my bloody books), much of my work related to the series is in the form of miniature models of various props, including ironclads, tanks, and airships.

What?  Didn’t I warn you I was crazy?

The main purpose of this page is to provide quick access to information about the world where this story takes place, as a supplement to my overly descriptive writing style, including frequently insomnia-curing character sketches (don’t worry, I’ve spared you those on the blog, as none of my scattered writing samples actually introduce new characters).  To view all my blog posts on the subject of The Nine Empires, at least on this blog, click here.  I post to Hive much more frequently, so you can see more relevant content and works in progress here.  Some other relevent links to lore, maps, hardware databases, etc. are as follows:

About the planet

About the continent of Rossbera (includes map)

The starting factions (includes flags)

An overly simplified history of some of the titular Nine Empires

The Rhûnnish Empire, the most feared of all the Rossberan Empires, and the feudal nonsense that brought it down, parts 1 & 2


Other strange creatures, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Vehicle database – also, fighting vehicles of the Nine Empires, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Surface ship database

Airship database – also, airships of the Nine Empires, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5