Well shoot, you caught me in my most uncomfortable position.  I hate talking about myself, so I usually talk about what I do instead, and let people draw their own conclusions about my character.  So I’ll tell you what this blog is for!  I created it to share my work with the world.  Here I have pictures of my various projects, most of which are miniature models, but there are other things as well, such as a smattering of graphic designs, fantasy maps, historical costumes, weapons, and so on.  By the way, not everything that I just mentioned is here… yet.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Shapeways as well.  Check out my Shapeways page.  Even if you don’t find my work interesting, I’m sure you’ll find something else on the website that you’ll like.  Stay away from my LinkedIn page.  Seriously, unless you want to hook me up with someone else already on LinkedIn (preferably for a job that doesn’t drive me crazy for the better part of four years), the whole thing is pointless.

So… in short, poke around, enjoy yourself, and don’t hesitate to follow me if you’re even remotely interested in my work.