I am a crazy Russian boy with a Czech name.  You probably won’t like me.  Nearly everything about my mere existence confounds everyone who crosses my path.  Perhaps you will find my strange choice of vernacular to be noisome.  Perhaps you won’t enjoy seeing my samples of fiction writing, instructional material, and DIY project logs occasionally interrupted by editorials in which I piss everyone off with unpopular opinions and acid wit.  Perhaps you’ll find my grimdark steampunk fantasy, based on World War I, to be unnecessarily bloody and depressing.  Whatever the case, it shouldn’t matter what you think of me, as long as my skills impress you.

I used to post pictures of all my various projects on this blog, but ever since branching out to other platforms, I now use this blog for announcements and essays.  For pictures and videos, you can find me on Hive, Diaspora, LinkedIn, BitChute, and SubscribeStar, all of which are basically auxiliary pages to support my work on Shapeways and Wargaming 3D, as well as my own website.  Check out my Shapeways and Wargaming 3D shops.  Even if you don’t find my work interesting, I’m sure you’ll find something else on those websites that you’ll like.  The same goes for Hive, which I genuinely hope becomes a bit more mainstream in the future.  On the other hand, stay away from my LinkedIn page.  Seriously, unless you want to hook me up with someone else already on LinkedIn (preferably for a job that doesn’t drive me crazy for the better part of four years), the whole thing is pointless.  I check my LinkedIn updates no more frequently than once a week, whereas I check everything else daily.  Speaking of which, if you would like to hire me, it behooves you to know where I am.  For any job that is not reasonably close, I’m open only to remote work.

So… in short, poke around, enjoy yourself, and don’t hesitate to follow me if you’re even remotely interested in my work.  You can find a link in the top right corner of the site for The Nine Empires, which occupies the majority of my time outside of my daily chores.  If you visit that page, you’ll learn what that’s about, and you’ll also find links to things I’ve done related to it.  However, if you click here, it will take you to the posts I’ve made about everything else, including Shapeways.  For those who prefer some more intellectually stimulating (infuriating may be more accurate) content, click here to see all of my opinion pieces, and feel free to comment on any of them.  I welcome a discussion.  I have no desire to live in an echo chamber; weird, isn’t it?  Finally, click here if you’re curious about the story behind my nickname.