This post is the beginning of a vehicle database of the Nine Empires.  It will constantly be subject to change, and a shortcut will be under the “Nine Empires” tab at the top of my site.  Please note that there are more than nine factions listed – spoiler alert, other factions spring up over the course of the story.

The left column denotes the faction, the middle is the vehicle’s name, and the right column denotes the variants available.  There is little to no rhyme or reason behind what I actually put there besides the scale, but any links you click on will take you to the product page in my Shapeways shop.

Bulmutian Regency Dwarven battlewagon 1/100 kerosene version
1/100 steam version
Alexandrian Empire JN-1 SAU 1/100 Object 109-KV
JN-2 SAB 1/100 Object 110-KV (hull)
1/100 Object 112-DZ (hull)
JN-2 TO 1/100 Object 111-KV
1/100 Object 113-DZ
Drachanian Empire Does not operate armoured vehicles  N/A
Kantossi Democratic League Does not operate armoured vehicles  N/A
Taressimian Martial State Trench tank 1/100 early trial model
Command tank
APC 1/100 solid model
Karadenian Empire Iron Turtle 1/100 solid model
War Wagon 1/100
Sandcrab tank Mk1
Sandcrab tank Mk2 1/100 early trial model
Cruiser tank
Sondorian Empire Landing tank
Arcadian Empire Locomotive fort 1/100 dual-purpose model
Republic of Breace
Nala Independence Coalition
??? LVS (light tank)
SBI (medium tank destroyer)
TVS (heavy tank)
TBI (heavy tank destroyer)
ShU (assault howitzer)
Gadfly Gun 1/100 Not for sale yet

Some things I have deliberately left off this chart for now.  As I am now uploading short posts more frequently on Steemit, you can keep up with my models there from now on.  Meanwhile, I will use WordPress for sharing the long, drawn-out stories about several vehicles at a time.  Whenever I do so, I will have a reminder at the end of each related post to check back at this database to see what I have come up with.  By the way, I’m going to do the exact same thing for airships and surface ships.

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