I am available to do custom work in any of the following categories:

  • 3D CAD and prototyping (see below)
  • Investment casting
  • Welding (oxy-fuel, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW)
  • Manual machine tool work (I have a 13 x 36 inch South Bend engine lathe from circa 1920 and a full-size ram-and-turret or “Bridgeport-type” milling machine from circa 1960) [link to video tour of my machine shop, showing complete capabilities, will be inserted here when it is available]
  • CNC machine tool programming (primarily MasterCAM)
  • Computer construction (to an extent; I’ve built PCs, but I have yet to build my own server or any sort of network)
  • Setting up a shop (I have an actual college degree in this; if you’re trying to start a business, I can provide some very useful tips on what sort of equipment you should get and where you should put it)
  • Historical costuming (there are a ton of websites devoted to this, but they aren’t always easy to find; besides, I am working on getting in touch with people who don’t have websites, but do this sort of work)

When it comes to 3D CAD, I am the most practised, and best-known, at making wargaming miniatures.  I started out on Shapeways, where I show off the vast majority of my work.  I also sell miniature tanks on my website, and printable files for wargaming miniatures of various types on Wargaming 3D.  My Shapeways shop also has some items of jewellery available for sale, and as of March 2021, I have a working miniature foundry, and I can make those items in-house.  Eventually, as I become more practised with investment casting, my jewellery collection will then go up on Etsy, where you will see items that Shapeways can’t (or won’t) produce.

As I get my machine shop back in working order and build my contacts, more types of work will be added to the list above.  I hope to eventually create an entire network of small-scale craftspeople, as I know quite a few who are very skilled at what they do, but quite unknown thanks to a lack of online presence.  I have something in the works right now called the Cooperative Artisans’ Guild, with a list of all the people I’ve been involved with over the years.  I hope to expand it, as well as my own operation, and eventually overhaul this entire page.  I accept payments via SubscribeStar for any work that is not done through one of the websites mentioned above.  I also accept cryptocurrency payments.