I had planned to start making a vlog on BitChute with regular updates, but this format is much quicker for me.  As much as I would love to make animations, Adobe Flash CS3 is very picky when it comes to the exact settings for MP3 files that are used as soundtracks.  I’ve found a complete chart of all the settings that will work, and I have a few test sound bites that I can use, but the process is time-consuming, and right now, I simply can’t be fiddling with it.  I have a tank destroyer to finish (if I’m ambitious, I might finish another one that’s quite similar as well), I have deer to shoot (I’ve filled one tag already, and I have another five weeks of archery season to fill the other one), and I have to get all my material prepped for my third CAD tutorial, the introduction to virtual shipbuilding!  Now that my mouse troubles are over (something that plagued me during the other lessons), things should go a lot smoother.

Anyway, you’ll notice that I tagged this post with “politics.”  See, I have a confession to make.  Before I do, however, I would direct you to this post, where I made a rather heated comment, only to be informed that I made a huge mistake in my assessment (I like not being left to twist in the wind, by the way, so thank you for calling me out, you know who you are).  My confession is that I LOVE CHAOS (Tzeentch, to be specific).  See, I find western politics to be perpetual tedium.  Therefore, any upset to the system makes me happy!  That, by the way, is exactly how I view Donald Trump: he’s a proverbial monkey wrench that I and every other fed-up U.S. citizen threw into the cogs of the Washington political machine.  Of course, the Donald himself probably doesn’t see himself that way, and having never actually met him face-to-face, I can’t read his mind.  I can make educated guesses about his motives, based on the fact that I have an uncle with a nearly identical demeanor who is also quite wealthy, but that’s about it.  MY motives, however, are much simpler and more destructive.  I don’t believe that a system as mired in bureaucracy as either the U.S. or the E.U. can be reformed; they must be torn down and rebuilt.  To quote JFK, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”  “Profound,” some people would say to that, but anyone who’s studied history can make that observation.  I may not want to stick around for the second American Revolution (or civil war, depending on whom you speak to), but I’d love to see it happen.  Well, maybe not a full revolution, but a political reform so widespread and violent that it could easily be mistaken for a revolution will do just fine.  Same goes for Europe.  Thankfully, that seems to be exactly what is happening right now, and I will add as much fuel to the fire as I can (which isn’t much, for someone who isn’t involved in politics outside of town meetings).

Last thing for today, I mentioned BitChute music.  Well, I’ve wanted to get into composition for a while, but finding the right software hasn’t been easy.  Furthermore, it hasn’t been a priority.  However, I can still sing!  I’m not good at writing lyrics, mainly because I’m a lousy poet, but I can still perform someone else’s work.  The song in question is called Orlënok (the Eaglet), and it is my single favourite Soviet song.  I will probably repeat this format at my leisure with other songs that I know, but certainly not with my instrumental compositions, once I start writing and uploading them.

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