Relax, relax, this is a self-imposed challenge.  See, I recently uploaded my 37th tank model in 6mm (1/285) scale, and I noticed that I have the exact same number of historical tanks in 15mm (1/100) scale as fictional tanks.  Well, one of them (specifically, the Bolo Mk 33) isn’t in 15mm scale, but it’s the only tank model I have that isn’t in one of the two primary scales that I work with.  Here’s what I mean:

Tank section historical 13-08-2018

Tank section fictional 13-08-2018

As a result of this realisation, I’ve decided that, from now on, every time I make a historical tank model in 15mm scale, I must also make either a tank of my own design, or a fictional tank that someone wants.  I’ve had only one of the latter so far (the Bolo), but I never know what someone might ask me for.  Fortunately, I already have the next two lined up: the SU-100Y and JN-3 SAU.

JN-3 and SU-100Y 1

JN-3 and SU-100Y 2

I’ve tested the mechanism for the SU-100Y (see my first CAD tutorial, parts 4 and 5), and it seems to work, but I need to sand it down a bit before I know for certain whether or not I need to modify it significantly.  Once that’s done, both of these will be in my shop (the SU-100Y already is in 6mm scale).  By the way, I’m doing this for myself; the only historical tank I’ve ever sold in 15mm scale is the KV-2.  I’ve had better luck with fictional tanks, oddly enough, between the half-dozen or so Bolos I’ve sold, the SIU-13, and the Iron Turtle.

In other news, I will begin work on my third CAD tutorial in the next day or two.  I doubt it will be nearly as long or as boring as the first, but it won’t be a brief, single-video lesson like the second.

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