I have been playing around with my tank database a lot today, organising it and dreaming up lots of projects to include, as well as sorting out the various requests I have yet to complete.  Below is a screenshot of the tank collection as it currently is, however, this no longer includes everything.

Tank Collection 20-06-2018

I have decided to omit the many variants of the KV-1 and some other oddities from this collection.  If you want to see everything I have, then feel free to look at my Tank model database.  I keep this link updated, so you every time you download it, there will be changes.  It is a Microsoft Word document with a table containing not only the historical tanks I’ve made models of so far, but also projects that I intend to work on.  Some are tanks that I’d like to add for my own purposes, and others have been requested by my customers on Shapeways.  Any hyperlinks will take you to the product page in my shop.  You will notice that some models are marked “ATA.”  This stands for “available through assembly,” as I explained in my previous post, which is where I shared an old version of the database.  That post has since been set to private, as it is redundant.  If there are any tanks that you would like to see added to the collection, let me know.

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