Free thought can lead you to discover the truth when no-one else is speaking it, but it can also lead you to the wrong conclusion, particularly when you have only part of the picture available to you. This, I suspect, is the true reason that so few people are willing to speak out against coordinated propaganda campaigns, because when all available media is nothing but lies, then discovering the truth requires original research, as no source of information can be relied upon, and it’s a bit embarrassing to come to the wrong conclusion. Not only that, but coming to the wrong conclusion ultimately validates the fallacious idea that thinking for oneself is bad. After all, free thinkers are rebels, and rebellious thinkers have a nasty tendency to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, hence the existence of flat-earthers. Those who reject the establishment’s narrative do not all think the same, contrary to what you might gather from the daily two minutes of hate.

To begin, in order to scare off all the midwits who think in false dichotomies, I need to put my proverbial cards on the table once again:

The Earth is a 4,5-billion-year-old oblate spheroid, not a 6000-year-old disc.

Viruses are real, so is CoVID-19, and I’ve been following its story since before the legacy media even touched it.

Every vaccine that works has been thoroughly tested; generally speaking, vaccines that don’t work don’t get past clinical trials, which usually go on for several years before the vaccine is made publicly available.

People should be allowed to take experimental medicine if they wish.

No-one should ever feel pressured to take experimental medicine.

Outside of an operating room, surgical masks do more harm than good.

The 2018 Arizona senate election and the 2020 U.S. general election were both fraudulent.

Joe Biden doesn’t control his own bowels, much less the U.S. government.

Jen Psaki looks like Mark Zuckerburg in a ginger wig; that’s because they are the exact same model, Zuck’s serial number is 17, Psaki’s is 18.

Critical Race Theory is explicitly Marxist, is being taught in public schools, and is being lied about in multiple different ways by its own proponents, all of whom are snivelling cowards.

There is no god.

This is what I believe – and I highly doubt that anyone I know agrees with every single statement. Well, one of the above statements is a joke, but considering how crazy this world is, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turns out to be true. Certainly, this does not conform to the false dichotomy that has been propagated as part of the mainstream narrative, and therefore, you would be hard-pressed to find a media outlet that reflects my beliefs – which is something that propagandists simply can’t deal with.

You know you are dealing with a propagandist when the person states that anyone who believes differently from them must be brainwashed. Propagandists act as if they do not understand the concept of free thought, and some probably don’t, hence they project their own inability to think for themselves onto those with whom they disagree. Bear in mind, the purpose of propaganda is not to get people to believe the message, but to get people to believe that they are alone in knowing that it is a lie. Getting people to genuinely believe the lie is merely a fortuitous side-effect, as it creates additional propagandists who work for free. Such true believers are called “useful idiots,” for reasons that ought to be obvious. The ever-present useful idiots, who are especially useful as the enforcers of the false message – psychopaths not only believe strange things, but they are also violent and utterly devoid of empathy, hence they make excellent secret police – serve to reinforce the psychic illusion that no-one is questioning the fallacious narrative. Propaganda is not meant to be believable, after all – it is deliberately designed to be an obviously ludicrous massage that must be agreed with as part of mental conditioning (brainwashing), such as “wearing a mask doesn’t stop the spread of an airborne virus, but wearing two masks will definitely stop the spread.” At that point, everyone with a functioning brain knew that this message had nothing to do with public health, and everything to do with behaviour control, simply by dint of how silly it was. Precisely how many people are actually taken in by this obvious power play is difficult to discern, considering that anyone who disagrees with the establishment narrative knows perfectly well what will happen to them if they make their beliefs known: they will be smeared as an “extremist, anti-science conspiracy theorist,” relegated to the role of a second-class citizen, and possibly even imprisoned, not for refusing to comply, but merely for questioning the narrative, after all, the Merriam-Webster dictionary recently changed the definition of “anti-vaxxer” to include people who are opposed to vaccine mandates as well as the the vaccines themselves. By this deliberately dishonest re-definition, I am an anti-vaxxer, which anyone who knows me knows that I am most certainly not. Propagandists have this nasty habit of making false dichotomies real through their manipulation of language.

As time passes, as genuine crises are exploited more and more for the purposes of expanding government power and people who point this out are daemonised, those who refuse to believe the mainstream narrative ultimately start questioning whether the crisis was even real to begin with, if it was manufactured by the very people who ended up exploiting it for greater power, or even if it was all a complete hoax. Anyone familiar with Info Wars is undoubtedly familiar with its time-honoured tradition of claiming that school shootings are false-flag operations, and that the victims are actually crisis actors. Considering how much the mainstream lies, how many crazy conspiracies have actually turned out to be true, and how malicious the establishment has always been (yes, even your government, regardless of where you live, has committed atrocities in order to preserve or expand its own power), is it any wonder that people start to believe that those who have a reputation as “stark raving madmen” might be the only truly sane people in society?

Moving on from science to politics, I can say with complete certainty that the 2020 U.S. general election was fraudulent. The reason for this is that any historian worth his salt knows precisely what the signs of election fraud are, which is why I prefaced that statement with a mention of the 2018 Arizona senate election, which, as one Arizonan commentator describes, was the Democratic party’s “dress rehearsal” for the shenanigans that took place two years later. The fact the results are “above question” is a red flag in and of itself, such that anyone making the claim on social media will see their post removed – we’ll see how long WordPress allows this post to exist before shunting it down the memory hole. Yet, any other election, in any other country, in any other year, is fair game – why? As with communism and young-Earth creationism, my two favourite ideological punching bags: “if you must lie or use otherwise fallacious reasoning in order to defend your position, then I must assume that your position is untrue or otherwise fallacious.” Again, this move was a power play, the purpose of installing a demented puppet with one foot in the grave and being blatantly obvious about it was to “remind” the American people that the establishment still owns you. The purpose was to demoralise the population into simply accepting the neoliberal establishment’s rule and to stop getting in their way; the DNC already made this exact same power play in 2016 in order to demoralise supporters of Bernie Sanders, and it worked, which is why they didn’t need to do it again in the 2020 primaries (but good luck getting the few remaining members of Bernie’s personality cult to accept that).

I shall conclude this with a microcosmic example of a person breaking free of a false narrative and coming to a questionable conclusion. This has nothing to do with any government conspiracy, but rather something much smaller. After all, tyrannical governments are like abusive parents, and my friend Charlie (not his real name – names have been changed to protect the innocent, despite the fact that there is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt, especially in this story) is no stranger to the latter. The abuse has driven him insane. Let’s begin.

Charlie is a very disturbed young man, a clear victim of lifelong gaslighting. He doesn’t know what he wants in life, to the point where he doesn’t even know if he wants a girlfriend: “I think I want a girlfriend, but I’ve been told for my entire life that I don’t like romantic relationships. I think my mother only tells me this because she wants to be the only woman in my life.” Gaslighting, of course, is the process of lying to a person in such a way to make that person doubt their own sanity, thus keeping them dependent on their abuser. When the victim breaks through the veil of lies, sometimes they come out with a “truth” that seems (or perhaps truly is) utterly ridiculous, and so the abuser can point to the victim and say “see that – crazy person!”

Charlie is the “miracle child” of Joe and Mary, so-called because, during his birth, virtually everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Perhaps Joe and Mary should have named their son “Murphy” instead, but then, they’re not Irish. Mary fits the archetype of the shy female narcissist to a T, and despite actively avoiding people, she can’t stand to be alone for very long, and loves being the centre of attention. One of her favourite stories to tell is the story of Charlie’s birth, though she is strangely silent on the topic when medical professionals, particularly obstetricians, are within earshot. When alone with her son, Mary liked to tell Charlie the story of his birth over and over, along with a few other strange tales. Mary always portrayed herself as the innocent victim in a life that never went her way, constantly coming into conflicts with terrible people. Not once did Mary ever tell Charlie a story in which she did something wrong, and ended up in a terrible situation because of her own bad choices. One particular story involved Joe’s colleague, a woman whom I shall call “Envy” for a few different reasons (bear in mind that I’ve met all of the characters in this tale). Envy had a daughter, Polly, who was good friends with Charlie, though Envy had a nasty habit of using Charlie as the gold standard to which she constantly compared her daughter, so Polly’s friendship with Charlie was rather strained. Mary absolutely loathed Envy for this very reason, while hypocritically using her niece as the gold standard to which she constantly compared her son. Mary had a long history of constantly condemning people for treating their children the exact same way that she treated Charlie, all while always telling him “don’t complain, don’t criticise, don’t condemn.” For Envy, however, Mary had a very special sort of hatred, as she insisted to Charlie that Joe had an affair with Envy at one point: “I have no proof, none whatsoever, but I’m damn certain that it happened.” One day, Charlie snapped, and replied “really? You have no proof? Are you sure you’re not looking at him?!”

In case you hadn’t caught on, Charlie knows that Mary doesn’t simply make things up, but instead twists the truth in such a manner to always make herself look good. Therefore, rather than simply being a paranoid fever dream, Charlie has come to the conclusion that Joe indeed had an affair with Envy, and the result is him. Charlie knows that his mother is a liar, and has come to the conclusion that, if she has lied to him about most her life and also about most of his own, why wouldn’t she also be lying about his parentage? After all, which is more likely: that Charlie’s birth was a medical miracle, or that Mary had a stillbirth, and Charlie came from somewhere else? Personally, knowing Mary’s type (drama queen with literal actors in her family), I’d suggest a third possibility: the birth was uneventful, and Mary just plays up the story to get attention. Nonetheless, Mary having a stillbirth and replacing her lost child with Joe and Envy’s bastard is still perfectly plausible… I’d even show you a picture of Charlie and Polly side-by-side, so you can see the resemblance, but I’ve already changed their names to protect their identities.

The point of all this is that just because you’ve figured out that the story you’ve been fed is a lie, does not necessarily mean that you’ve figured out the truth. On your own, it’s damn near impossible, which is why people need to refrain from remaining silent when they know that they’ve been hoodwinked. The free thinkers need to come together, rather than retreating into total isolation. Don’t think of it is being relegated to a second-class citizen, think of it as shifting to a parallel society, to echo the sentiments of Vaclav Havel.

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