Forced altruism is false altruism, and those who would force others to be altruistic are entirely self-serving, even if they act altruistic themselves. It should come as no surprise that such hypocrisy is rife among the sociopaths who desire to control everything, because in the upside-down world of totalitarianism, the words used in propaganda typically mean the exact opposite of what they should in the context where they are used. With this in mind, I shall now explain precisely why I chose the title that I did.

It’s no secret that I despise the mainstream socio-political labels. After all, “progressives” wish to undo all of the progress made since the Civil Rights Movement, “liberals” are about as illiberal as it is possible to get, and “anti-fascists” beat people in the streets while wearing black shirts. Since I, an actual liberal (philosophically speaking; politically speaking, I’m an anarchist), thoroughly detest the Orwellian wordplay of the legacy media, I shall henceforth refer to all irrational leftists as “lolberals,” a term which I must credit Tarl Warwick with the creation of. See, since he and I are too smart to be midwits (his IQ is 132, mine is 155), we are both creative enough to invent our own linguistics and turn it against the propagandists. If you don’t like it, you might just be a propagandist – or a midwit who’s green with envy. Either way, with such a cutting introduction out of the way, I regret to inform you that the rest of this article is going to be rather dry by comparison.

The old saying goes “charity begins at home.” As it suggests, that means that someone who gives generously to charity must have a comfortable home life, and any excess material wealth can be distributed elsewhere. This certainly explains why lolberals tend to be much more charitable than conservatives, but there is more to the story. After all, why would there be such an “epidemic” of homeless and destitute American and European citizens, but the governments of these countries still have mountains of cash earmarked for foreign aid… and also be pushing for open borders? One would think that a functioning government would postpone all foreign aid until such time that domestic problems have been solved, such as when Vladimir Putin diverted an oil shipment when he learned of a home heating fuel shortage in Siberia, but alas, the governments of western nations seem to care more about the third world than their own people. However, there is a perfectly rational explanation for such irrational behaviour, and much like the root problem of authoritarianism, it is narcissism.

Most people have an in-group preference, unsurprisingly. There is one notable exception, however: white lolberals. Oddly enough, many of them come from “conservative” backgrounds. However, what I found entirely predictable, is that most of them come from abusive households. It all came together: people who would take care of total strangers at the expense of their own family do so because they hate their family, and they act like insufferable narcissists because their parents are insufferable narcissists. Remember that abuse alone does not turn a person into an abuser; Narcissistic Personality Disorder is genetic. It all makes perfect sense now, why lolberals hate the family so much, and believe, just as Karl Marx did, that it is an outdated social unit that needs to be abolished, and that the State should take the place of one’s parents. I could end this article right here, and simply refer you to the study that brings all of this nonsense together, but I have an example of an “exception that proves the rule,” as it were.

It’s no secret that I used to be a communist. It’s also no secret that I have an abusive mother. So then, why have I since done a total 180 on my socio-political belief system and abandoned Soviet communism (and Lysenkoist feminism) in favour of an anarchist form of English liberalism? Well, it’s also no secret that I wasn’t raised by my biological mother. What a relief, I didn’t inherit my personality from the abusive witch who raised me! I’m still fucked up, but I’m not a narcissist, and I never was. Mind you, my real mother is a bit stuck up herself (assuming she is who I think she is, then I’ve actually know her for my entire life, funny that), but I can’t say that she’s downright narcissistic. The thing is, I’ve matured and developed a “live and let live” attitude toward others, thus abandoning my notion that all of society’s problems would be solved if a uniform system were imposed, forcing everyone to live in a way that benefits people like me. Oh, the hubris, I know, but teen-agers are known for being cocky. The reason that so many lolberals act like teen-agers, even though some of them are in their seventies, is simply because, as genetic narcissists, they are pathologically incapable of growing up. This is not just a sarcastic dismissal, by the way, there is actual science behind that statement, so brace yourself for a bit of a lesson in tetrapod psychology.

Mirror neurons are responsible for the feeling of empathy in all tetrapods (terrestrial chordates). Other animals may have them as well, but since I’m not an expert on evolutionary neurophysiology, I couldn’t tell you precisely when such cells first appeared. Oddly enough, it was once thought that only endothermic (warm-blooded) animals had any sense of compassion, but we can go off on that tangent in the comments. Anyway, the purpose of mirror neurons is to create a mental connection between animals, reinforcing the herd mentality in the name of survival. Social animals tend to have many more mirror neurons than solitary animals for this reason, and anyone who has live on a farm can tell you that a herd can have more than one species. By the way, donkeys make better sheep-dogs than actual dogs, because they are more cost-efficient, more independent, are considerably more dangerous than most dogs, and get along with sheep much better than any dog. Incidentally, since most animals don’t know what they look like, or even how big they are, and can’t even recognise their own reflection, it is not common for animals to reject a member of the hard that looks different, as long as that individual appears healthy. While the fable of the ugly duckling has a good lesson to teach, it’s not realistic, and if you’ve ever had baby birds imprint on you, you know exactly what I mean. All of these social connections are due to the activity of mirror neurons. With respect to narcissistic personality disorder, the direct effect of the abnormal gene responsible for it is a lack of mirror neurons.

Without mirror neurons, it is impossible for an individual of any species to properly form social connections. Among most tetrapods, such an individual simply won’t be part of the herd, and will probably be the first to get eaten by a predator, thus nipping the problem in the bud, and preventing the defective genes from spreading. Among humans, the ostracisation of such individuals is practised only among the most “primitive” cultures, and even then, there are warnings against it; there is an ancient African proverb that goes “the child that is rejected by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” There is another reason that socially “inept” children should not immediately be dismissed as defective, and that is because the inability to form social bonds is also a sign of autism. Autistic people aren’t afflicted with a deficiency of mirror neurons, in fact, many have the opposite problem, leading them to mentally shut down from sensory overload. Incidentally, a person who is extremely sensitive to the mere existence of other people’s emotions is called an empath. On the opposite end, a person born with no mirror neurons and who simply can’t acknowledge, much less care, about the feelings of others is called a sociopath – though there is more to being a sociopath than being pathologically inconsiderate.

Children are self-centred by nature. They cannot survive on their own, and require the attention of adults in order to function. As they mature, they develop more mirror neurons and naturally become more considerate to the needs and feelings of others. However, if they are raised according to the methods prescribed by the self-esteem movement, these connections don’t develop, and they remain emotionally immature well into adulthood. Such people appear as narcissistic spoiled brats in adult bodies, but there is hope for them. The ones who never mature, on the other hand, the ones who are still pushing the childish soc-jus inanity at an age when they ought to be playing with their grandchildren (if they even have any), are the ones that are, most likely, incapable of doing so. If one is born with a genetic defect that prevents the creation of mirror neurons, then no real social bonds may ever be formed, and that person will never consider the needs and desires of others. That person will, instead, seek to exploit the needs and desires of others in order to achieve their own goals. To them, love of one’s fellows is a weakness that works in their favour, which is why such individuals habitually use the fallacy of the collective good in order to manipulate large crowds into doing their bidding. Since people tend to be irrational, the analytical person (usually autistic) who points out the plot holes in the act seems uncaring, and thus the sociopath is able to easily turn the crowd against the rational person who sees through the grift. Are you starting to see the deep, psychological root to all the socio-political problems that plague decadent societies?

None of this is new information. All I did was put the pieces together. I’m not the only one doing so at this time, I simply have a different approach. The most important piece of information was the following study:

This and other studies were discussed in the following two videos:

Why Do People Grow More Conservative As They Age? and The Appeal To Community

I’d like to think that the majority of people are both perceptive and rational enough to see enough of the big picture by now, but I’ve been wrong before, and I become disgusted with more people as a result. Reason must prevail, to quote Evgeniy Zamyatin, and it looks like I’m going to be at this for a while.

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