Right, call this click-bait if you wish, for I don’t know what you thought you might find: a refutation, a collection of “two types of people” memes, satire, or some rather mid-witted diatribe. What follows is probably closest to the latter.

I shall begin by immediately refuting my own title, because the conclusion I’ve come to involves a sliding scale, not some false dichotomy. At each end of that scale, however, are two properties: naturalism and egotism. In other words, the two types of people are naturalists and egotists, though rarely is an individual purely one or the other. Now, I must confess that my working definition of the term “naturalist” is not entirely in line with its traditional meaning, that is “one who studies nature.” In this context, I am referring to one who reveres nature and all its aspects, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I made no such alteration to the definition of the term “egotist,” though you may see me use it interchangeably with the word “narcissist.”

As the dog days of summer have arrived, I have very little energy. I have already mentioned this in a recent Hive post, as well as providing a bit of a primer to what I plan to discuss in this post. Connecting the dots, as it were, regarding all the nonsense being peddled in our increasingly unrecognisable society, it should come as no surprise that most of it is the result of narcissism. The devolution of human society into backwards, upside-down, reality-denying totalitarianism, is entirely predictable, based solely on the inner workings of the egotistical mind. On the opposite side of totalitarianism is nature, in all its beauty, ugliness, tranquility, and horror… in other words, CHAOS, the egotist’s worst nightmare.

Nature isn’t good, contrary to what tree-hugging hippies like to say, but neither is nature evil. Nature isn’t orderly, either. Nature is extremely unpredictable, and the mathematical equations required to merely describe nature in terms that humans can comprehend are incredibly complex. Just when humans believe that they are so close to understanding everything, it becomes painfully apparent that naturalists have barely scratched the surface. The complexity in nature cannot, therefore, be the result of any consciousness creating it – what is seen is the result of spontaneity. Nature is not merely chaotic, it is so much more than that; nature is the physical manifestation of chaos itself (I am sounding more and more the Word Bearer, am I not?)! To merely survive in nature requires an individual organism to be able to adapt to ever-changing surroundings. That is not to say that one cannot possibly plan ahead, for it is clear that certain strategies for survival work, while certain others are a sure path to extinction. The naturalist understands this truth, and accepts that most things are beyond one’s control. The naturalist understands that one has no control of anything beyond one’s own life, and even that grasp is fairly tenuous.

The previous paragraph is not one that an egotist would enjoy reading, possibly finding it downright painful. The egotist desires control, to bend nature to their own will, because they refuse to adapt themselves to nature. To an extent, almost everyone does this. Digging a hole in the ground and planting a tree where it wouldn’t normally grow is an act of altering the natural world. Digging up stones and cutting down trees to built a house is another. Any act of creation from a conscious mind is an alteration of the natural world. The more egotistical the mind, the more the creation will deviate from what would be produced naturally. The modern city, devoid of plants and animals, and whose buildings are plain, devoid of any decorations even remotely reminiscent of anything found in nature, is the ultimate monument to egotism. However, the ultimate manifestation of egotism is not found in architecture, but in trans-humanism.

Egotists hate nature, because its existence is a reminder that they lack the control over reality that they desperately desire. When the egotist has removed the plants, animals, microbes, and natural rock formations, there is only one reminder of nature left to remove: the rotting meat-suit that they are stuck lugging around with them everywhere they go. Self-mutilation is just another act of altering the natural world. That is not to say that there is anything necessarily wrong with some minor alternation for the sake of adornment (though there is everything wrong with doing it to newborn children), but trans-humanists take it way too far. Trans-humanism, incidentally, is nothing new. The idea that some metaphysical essence of self can transcend the natural world and survive the death of the physical body has been around for millennia. The modern incarnation of “uploading” the human consciousness to a digital world is simply a secular adaptation of a concept that was previously explored only in religion. Nor, for that matter, is the latest wave of trans-humanism even a particularly new idea, it simply enjoys much more mainstream attention than it used to. Personally, I hope this current craze goes the exact same way as Heaven’s Gate, but that’s just my own seething hatred of egotists trying to control my life. Let them destroy themselves, as long as they stop trying to take the rest of us with them.

On its own, complaining about egotistical thinking is not going to solve any of the problems that it causes. In fact, egotistical thinking is almost impossible to fight against, because the more egotistical the mind, the more it denies reality. The pure egotist doesn’t exist in the natural world, but in their own twisted reality, in which everything is according to their own desires. Unfortunately for the ego, the physical senses exist in the natural world, constantly reminding them that their “reality” isn’t real, so most egotists live in a state of perpetual cognitive dissonance. However, a solution does indeed exist. Egotism – more precisely, Narcissistic Personality Disorder – cannot be cured, and I will explain why in a later post. The only way to solve the problems caused by egotistical thinking is to disengage from the egotists. Simply walk away, and don’t give them what they want. Despite the constant calls for unity, the solution is the exact opposite. Dis-unity is required for people to co-exist peacefully, with both nature and other people. People need space, they need to be free to be away from each other, not forcibly packed together like sardines. Problems caused by collectivism cannot be solved by more collectivism.

I know I promised no more opinion pieces a long time ago, a promise that I keep breaking, but with so little going on in my life at the moment, and so many thoughts in my head, I needed to share this. The current incarnation of the Great Authoritarian Grift (GAG) is slowly being exposed by various internet personalities, but there are many pieces to this bizarre puzzle. My plan is to explore the origins of the GAG, how it is continuously altered, the ever-present motivation to perpetuate and expand it, and, hopefully, open people’s eyes to what is slowly happening, so that they know what to avoid, if they don’t want to go along with it, and why, despite the comforts promised, no-one should want to go along with it. I’ve already done this to an extent, albeit in an extremely disorganised fashion.

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