As you may know, some time ago I stopped posting pictures here, for the most part, and moved my graphics-heavy posts to Steemit.  However, Steemit has had lots of problems, including the occasional hard fork that stopped me from posting regularly.  I have a lot more STEEM (a type of cryptocurrency, in case you didn’t know) saved up now, so hard forks don’t cause me the same problems that they used to.  Unfortunately, now that comments from reputable individuals are being censored, and unlike comments from spammers, I can’t even see those comments for several days.  Since I have no personal beef with Justin Sun, and I’m not at all involved with the management of the site (or its users), I’ve never had a problem with my own content disappearing, but I’m certainly not getting the engagement that I used to.  Now I know why.  For those of you who are interested in the short version of the whole story, read this post.

Naturally, I will be moving from Steemit to Hive.  Up until a month ago, everything I posted on Steemit was automatically backed up to Hive, but now that Hive has officially separated, none of my Steemit posts from more recently show up there.  I can’t post this announcement on Steemit, because even mentioning Hive is risky at this point.  After I move my recent Steemit posts to Hive (there are only six), I will probably continue to cross-post on occasion, just as I do now, but anyone who has access to my website can easily locate me on all of my social media platforms.  As I see greater engagement on Hive, I may end up abandoning Steemit entirely.

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