I have finally received my Form 3 LFS 3D printer!

Form 3 boxed

As such, I have switched my website to public, so that it may now be indexed in search engines.  I will also now be using that as my primary online address, rather than this blog.  For now, the displayed title is “Kaja’s Tiny Tanks,” since that’s all I have listed at the moment, but that will eventually become one section, as I add more items to the shop.

My intent is to record an unboxing video (which may not happen), set the machine up, run some tests, and then immediately start cranking out models, so that I can populate both my own shop and my Wargaming 3D shop.  Current circumstances prevent me from doing most of that for the next few days, and I have another video that I hope to record before then anyway.

Finally, I’ll be able to do something productive!

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