Wargaming 3D preview

Wargaming 3D is a file-sharing website, similar to Thingiverse, but specifically for historical wargaming miniatures.  I recently accepted an invitation to join the site, but there is a catch: all 3d files uploaded to the site must be printable with either FDM or a resin-based process.  I have had my models printed successfully many times, but mostly with SLS, so I’ll have to wait until I get my own shop running before I can offer any files for sale.  Besides, I need photographs.  That being said, here’s a link, so you can check it out, bookmark it, add it to your favourites, or whatever you want.

So, what impact is this going to have on my own miniature shop, once it’s online?  Well, I see it as free advertising.  Since I render all of my own models, and I don’t “borrow” other designs, I can charge whatever I want for file downloads.  Those of my customers who have their own 3D printers can download my files, while those who do not will be stuck buying printed models from me.  In other words, if you like tiny tanks, you have options – but you still have to wait until 11 October, and, hopefully, no later than that.

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