Well, the last three comments I’ve attempted to post (two on Bracing Views, one on Tangible Day) have simply not gone through.  The most recent one, to this post, indicated that my comment did indeed go through, because I was unable to post a duplicate (that’s a new one).  Unfortunately, my clipboard is empty, so I can’t simply paste my comment here for W J Astore’s audience to read it, but the gist was: Lois Lane made a quip about Superman being against politicians because he fought for the American way, a quote from Cicero about traitors, why Trump is no different from any other politician by those criteria, and why neither Bernie Sanders nor Tulsi Gabbard can ever actually win.

Maybe someone can see my entire 300-word (or thereabouts) comment, but I’m way too frazzled to try re-writing it at the moment.  I may try again tomorrow, but instead of being a comment, it will be under a new category on my blog called “pingbacks.”  My last two attempted comments will be moved there as well.  I guess that’s just what I have to do now.  That is all.


One thought on “Dammit, Why Can’t I Comment?!

  1. Dammit, Kaja, I’m a blogger not a software engineer. Your full comment is now posted. I had to pull it from the “spam” folder. Thanks, as ever, for commenting.

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