So, for those of you who don’t know, Shapeways recently changed its pricing algorithm due to increased cost of operation and a changing market.  Most models increased in price very slightly, but where it was most noticeable was in the miniature wargaming market.  For 28mm figures, and especially vehicles, it wasn’t so bad.  However, I noticed quite a change with my 1/1200 scale ancient war galleys.  Since the starting price for any single component, no matter how large, is $5.00, plus an additional dollar for dye and another for polishing, that means most of my tiny ships now start out at $7.00 – for a single ship!  This is nearly twice the price that they were before.  For the sprues of 25 ships, however, the increase in cost was the same in dollars, so when you’re already paying $50.00 for a sprue of 25 ships, an extra dollar doesn’t really matter.  However, the prices on my 1/285 (6mm) scale tanks didn’t change, because there was a glitch in the algorithm for that particular material, which Shapeways still hasn’t corrected.  The reason I know this is because they have been keeping their shop owners well-informed about pricing changes ever since one too many of us complained about the earlier lack of transparency.  Anyway, just to let you know what you’re in for:

Tiny tanks prices

See the problem?  No?  Here, I’ll highlight it for you:

Tiny tanks prices highlighted

I just uploaded the IS-2M today, and a single tank is almost TWICE the price of my most expensive tanks, none of which are pictured here, but go for $9.00 each (Objects 279 and 901 are nine-dollar tanks).  I also offer these in packages of one, two, or five, with the nine-dollar tanks going for $24.00 for a package of five.  The IS-2M, however, goes for a whopping $47.00 for a package of five, again almost TWICE the price.  My point is that this is what you’re in for once the new pricing algorithm is finally fixed and applied to existing models.  So, if you want any, get them now, and hope that the prices aren’t magically fixed as soon as you submit your order.

You know, I used to think that “wargaming is an expensive hobby” applied only to Warhammer 40,000.  That’s obviously not true anymore, if it ever was.

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