Remember my alto clef coffee mug?  Well, you can’t have it anymore, or at least not until I find another porcelain or ceramic 3D printing vendor, seeing as Shapeways isn’t doing it anymore.  At least for now.  When I first started on the site, they offered several types of distinctly non-porcelain ceramic, but after problems with their vendor, since they outsourced the process, stopped offering ceramic.  After a year or two, they began offering porcelain, which they have now cancelled as well.  By the way, the mug was not the only item I offered in porcelain; there was an oil burner for aromatherapy as well, which inexplicably still shows up in my shop, but in stainless steel – a material I never offered it in.  Glitch?  Glitch.  Anyway, a few of my other products disappeared, so I had to go and find them and tweak the settings so that they showed up again.  Thankfully, only my decorative items and a couple of my steampunk airships in black high-definition acrylate (another material that seems to have gotten the axe) were affected.  My tanks and sailing ships were left alone, thankfully, since those are the products I sell regularly.  I have sold a few steamships (mildly surprising) and a few airships (shocking), but the tanks are my bread and butter, really.

Furthermore, I have to ask, why did Shapeways decide to change the names of every single material they offer?  Now I have to go through their material catalogue again just to figure out what’s what!  Seriously, I love this company, but sometimes the people working for it really irritate me.

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