Rounding out this photo shoot are some of my jewellery and decorative items.  This is going to be the shortest section by far.


My Solhanna pendant in polished bronze and laser-sintered white nylon.  Apparently, the lighting adjustment in the camera provides the best picture only when both materials are in focus.  When I tried to take a picture of the bronze one alone, it looked almost completely black.


Yusha Blackwing’s name crest in polished brass.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Russian alphabet, by the way, “Yusha” is spelt “Юша.”  The symbol is a rotational ambigram.


My alto clef pendant in polished bronze.  It is meant to be worn with a chain through the staff, though one could also take it to a jeweller (such as my friend Tim Jones), and they will be able to solder some pins onto the back so that you may wear it on your lapel.


My scimitar egg stand in large black nylon, medium nickel steel, and medium black steel (from top to bottom).  Below are the egg stands in situ on my trinket shelf:


Yes, the black egg is sitting next to a trilobite fossil (sadly not in focus, though I suppose I should feature that in a future post).  Anyway, that’s all for now.  As I mentioned in part 1, I still have work to do on these models!

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