As I mentioned in part 1, I am showing the photos in the order that I took them, for the most part.  This next batch begins with the only starships in my shop that I’ve actually sold: the Shark-Paradigm chuyinka dreadnoughts.


This is the carrier dreadnought, a ship designed to carry advanced fighter jets, flying tanks, drones, and missiles.  The ship was originally designed by one of the characters of the The Nine Empires (though I will not say which… yet) several decades after the story is set to end, however the technology still did not exist until decades after said character’s death to actually get the ship off the ground.  Furthermore, there wasn’t much of a need to develop it, at least not right away.  The development of the dreadnought serves as part of the lore for a continuation of The Nine Empires that takes place 1500 years (still Varanganskan years, BTW) afterward.  This is the story that I originally started work on when I first came up with the idea, but have since shelved it in favour of the steampunk story.


The second version of the ship, the heavy weapons dreadnought, compared to the carrier dreadnought in the bottom photo.  The heavy weapons variant dispenses with a hangar bay in favour of a massive central weapon that can fire straight down, causing tremendous damage (think thermonuclear warhead, minus the fallout).  When the chuyinka get fed up with a particular country, this is what they use in lieu of nukes (“commence the purge, maximum extermination!”).  Hey, they may have a cute-sounding name, but I never once said that the chuyinka were nice.


Starcraft fans will recognise this right away: a Terran Behemoth-class battlecruiser!  Both models are in 1/10 000 scale, by the way.  The battlecruiser isn’t mine, it’s from Pulsefired.  My latest order would have also included a model of Norad II from yet another shop, but it wouldn’t print in black.  I’ll try again in white, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll be sending someone an angry note, seeing as I know it’s been printed before.  Anyway, more of my stuff:


Well, isn’t that a funny-looking rocket!  It’s not a rocket, it’s a chuyinka fleet carrier, the first starship of the Lotus Paradigm, which previously included only space stations.  As you can see, it dwarfs the dreadnought, and can carry many more drones, flying tanks, missiles, and other weapons.  Still, it was never meant for interstellar travel, only to keep the other warmongering nations of Varanganska in line.  First contact with interstellar powers necessitated the development of…


…the battle carrier!  This stripped-down version is designed purely for combat, with an open hangar bay that can carry many more autonomous interceptors than the original design, and a massive central cannon inside to knock out alien capital ships in a single shot.  This ship was largely a stop-gap measure to keep Varanganska safe until the next ship could be completed.


The pinnacle of starship engineering (dubious though that may be for hardcore fans of Star Wars), the Integral-class battleship is designed for the sole purpose of planetary domination, able to not only penetrate, but also completely destroy planetary defenses, including star fleets.  Yusha Blackwing, captain of Integral IX, used her ship to lure an entire galactic empire’s fleet back to their capital world and into a carefully-laid trap, where every last ship was then promptly disintegrated by a massive array of matter inverters (devices that convert matter into anti-matter).  Ten thousand ships and twenty million lives disappeared in a flash – that is the power of the Integral.  A contemporary weapon of the Integral, while far smaller and less powerful, is no less fearsome to behold:


One day, I thought to myself “what would I get if I crossed a KV-2 with a dalek casing?”  This was the result.  Admittedly, there are better pictures in my shop already, but none of them are actual photos.  This model is fully articulated, with rotating turret, elevating main “gun,” which is actually a quantum manipulator and can do a great deal more than cause straight destruction, as well as ball-and-socket secondary guns in the hull and rear of the turret.  This tank, much like a dalek, is protected by composite armour and a force field, can fly, hijack most electronic systems, drain power supplies, and command battlefields with on-board software.  Furthermore, the black version, otherwise known as the fourth variant (official designation ShU-255-4) is equipped with an active perception filter, which hacks the minds of any organic or artificial brain and deletes itself from said brain, thus avoiding detection.  If this thing is attacking you, you won’t even know it.

Right, on to the next category!

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