My Shapeways Shop now has over 150 items in it.  My most recent model as of this writing, the 151st, is also my 30th sailing ship.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have no control over what ideas pop into my head, so I’m all over the place.  I went back in time with some of my more recent models, producing a couple of floating gun batteries that predate the ironclads of the Nine Empires.

Gun batteries

And now for something completely different.  I was recently commissioned to create a logo for Vaccine Production Program Laboratory, which I am told is now a hit among the staff.  I do not usually brag about this sort of thing, especially since the design has not been formally approved, but in the interest of building my reputation, I figured that I may as well share that little tidbit.  This is the design that I sent off to Dr. Frank Arnold:


As you might be able to tell, the overall shape is based on the antibody symbol.  I am told (by my little birds, naturally) that other entries included a syringe and an Erlenmeyer flask.  Now, assuming that my design is indeed chosen, here’s a little tip for anyone who designs logos: keep it simple, but also eye-catching, memorable, and unique.  I’ll stop it there, since I am by no means an expert on logo design.  Nonetheless, if you do that for a living, show them this, and maybe it will give them an idea.

Before I go today, I’ll leave you with a few more things to look out for.  I will likely be posting pictures of some non-miniature projects in the near future.  It’s Rennaisance Faire season where I live, and hopefully I’ll be able to make the time to go.  There is a lot to see at such events, and it should come as no surprise that I enjoy all periods of history.


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