I recently released this model in my Shapeways shop.  This is the largest and most powerful of the Sondorian river warships.QAL Angnor Alt 1The QAL Angnor looks rather similar to contemporaries of the HMS Dreadnought, but with different proportions.  The ship is shorter (120m vs 160m), wider (34m vs 25m), and the hull is only half as deep, with a freeboard of 3 metres, and a draught of 4.5 metres (vs 7m and 9m for the Dreadnought, respectively).  As with the small monitors and mid-size river cruisers, the purpose for the different proportions is to make navigating shallow and winding waterways much easier.

Unlike the river cruiser, which is designed to hide behind high riverbanks and trees, the river dreadnought is designed to stand out and instill as much fear as possible.  After all, no-one expects to be in danger from 305-mm (12-in) guns inland.  The poor Taressimian soldiers who marched deep into Sondorian territory found themselves at a tremendous disadvantage, as no land-based artillery had the power or the range to counter these mighty warships.  The towering armoured citadel allows the officers to see over the vast majority of obstacles, and in the field, ships of this type usually function as mobile command centres as well as floating artillery platforms.

River fleet

Above: the QAL Angnor in my virtual river diorama, surrounded by river cruisers.

Below: an earlier version of the ship, with a smaller forward funnel.

QAL Angnor 2

River Dreadnought superfiring broadside

Above: since the guns are usually not fired from a level position, the far-side middle turret frequently fires over the near-side middle turret.  This particular type of superfiring is something that only river dreadnoughts ever did.  Thus, even though this type of ship had one fewer turret than the oceangoing variety, it effectively has the exact same firepower.


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