Who doesn’t like train sets?  Even if you don’t have the patience or the space to build your own, you have to admire the detail in the set, as well as the work that went into it.  In the last place I lived, my father’s trains were set up in the finished attic.  Now, however, the only place we have to put them is the second floor of the workshop.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that space getting finished any time soon.  There are simply too many other things that need to be done in the mean time.  Therefore, computer-generated images of my own creations will be the closest I will have to those wonderful tabletop models for some time.  Admittedly, my go-to software, Autodesk Inventor, is not very good for rendering terrain or indeed, most organic shapes.  Inventor was made for designing machinery.  Tanks, ships, and buildings are easy to make with this software.  That’s where I end my rambling for today and simply share some pictures of my sets.

Diorama 1Above: five river cruisers steaming down a river.  Ten KV-1 tanks are on the riverbanks, seven of which are visible in this picture.  I will, of course, eventually replace them with tanks of my own design.

Diorama 2

Above and below: views of the river cruisers from the banks.

Diorama 3

Below: the Zaphnora approaches the Hub.Diorama 5Diorama 6Diorama 4Above: the Hub as seen from Zaphnora‘s bridge.

Inside Zaphnora's Hangar

Above: the Zaphnora inside an airship hangar.

Below: Pherazmil and Khrodanau approach the Tower of the Eyes.

Tower of the Eyes 2

Below: from this angle, Zaphnora and Grugnula can be seen approaching the tower.Tower of the Eyes 3Tower of the Eyes 4

Above: standing at the base of the tower, looking almost straight up.


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