Kaja (pronounced KA-ya) is my preferred nickname.  Some people also call me Kay-Jay.  The former example is how my initials in Cyrillic (КАЯ) would be pronounced.  That brings me to my sigil (fancy word for seal), which I put everywhere, including as the icon for nearly every web-page I’ve ever created, save for the ones that require an actual portrait.


Yes, that’s the icon for this blog.  It’s also the icon for my Shapeways page.  I intend to use it as the icon for my YouTube channel as well, when I finally get it up and running.  What’s so special about it?  It’s a rotational ambigram, meaning it’s the exact same shape rotated 180 degrees.  I have metal versions of it as well.


See?  Everywhere.  The pin in the photo on the left is from Shapeways – I rendered the design, and a pattern for investment casting was printed it wax.  The photo on the right is of conventionally stamped buttons.  I know, the lighting in these pictures is horrible, but I will eventually post much higher-quality pictures of all my stuff.  You can get a good look at a 3D model here, as well as a smaller version that I put on a zipper pull for my favourite jumper.

So, there you have it, an (apparently much-needed) explanation of my sigil and nickname.  Some people put their initials on things, I just took it one step further.

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